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Ledoga Srl

Ledoga Srl. (Italy) is part of the Silvateam Group, an Italian large company which produces various bio-based chemicals and materials including chestnut, tannin, furfural, resins etc.. The company has an annual productivity for chestnut tannins around 6.000-8.000 tons/year. The company employs 65-70 people, incliuding 45 in production lines. It has international prescence with distributive and producing units in America as well as in China. It is a 150 years old well established supplier of bio-based chemicals. The company does not have an internal laboratory, but uses different external services to develop new processes and for all analytical controls.




Samuele Giovando

Via Torre 7

12080 - San Michele Mondovì (CN)

Tel: +39 0174 220210




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