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BioFoamBark: 1st Annual Progress Meeting in Espoo (Finland)

On March 26th 2013 the 1st Annual Progress Meeting of the BioFoamBark project took place at VTT in Espoo, Finland. The host Katariina Kemppainen could welcome 16 participants. Besides the project partners also interested representatives from industry as well as an external project observer came to the meeting in order to catch up on the status of the project.
The contributors to the different work packages presented their results of the first year of the project. The presentations illustrated that in major subjects of the project fundamental progress has been achieved. For example extraction of tannins from spruce bark and their purification has been improved. Furthermore foams based on pine and spruce tannins were successfully synthesized. In this connection important alternatives for formaldehyde as cross-linking agent during foam production were investigated and first steps towards foams with modified properties were taken. Additionally the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the market potential analysis of the tannin foams started in order to be able to evaluate their sustainability and techno-economic feasibility.
The meeting participants actively discussed the results as well as future tasks and collaborations within the project and with external parties. Before the final meeting discussion Katariina Kemppainen enabled the visit of VTT’s biochemical and chemical pilot plant facilities where tannin extraction and purification are mainly investigated. At the end of the day the attendees agreed that Katariina Kemppainen organized a pleasant BioFoamBark meeting that, in addition, was very fruitful and will help to advance the project in its second year.

 group photo (1st annual progress meeting, biofoambark, espoo, finland)

 Group photo (1st Annual Progress Meeting of BioFoamBark in Espoo, Finnland)

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